The Truth About the Healthy Diet

The Truth About the Healthy Diet

Dietary Myths, Expounded Upon, Part I

Dangerous for pigs to eat When synthetic varnishes were developed, traditional varnish manufacturers needed to find a new market for their products, so they sold their old varnishes to us for consumption.

Top-Quality Subjects for Scientific Experiments

Testing the unsaturated vegetable oils as food would be best done on pigs because their digestive systems are the most similar to humans. Unfortunately, that's just too expensive, so the salesman talked the pig farmers into trying out this new "super food" for pigs instead. I secretly respect how hard you work in sales.

Farmers rejoiced because pigs fed unsaturated vegetable oils rapidly gained weight, allowing them to be slaughtered at a younger age and saving on feed costs. Because of this, unsaturated vegetable oils appeared to be ideal for pigs but not for humans trying to lose weight.

After that, issues began to arise. Before being butchered, pigs would get cancer or have heart attacks and die. Therefore, trade in that area ceased. Do you recall my earlier comment about how pigs provide the most human-like results?

Heart attacks have been rising

In 1878, Britain saw the first documented case of a heart attack. Although Dr. Dudley White (sometimes called the "father of cardiology") expressed interest in learning more about the new condition described in European medical literature in the early 1900s, he did not encounter his first heart attack patient until 1921.

Obesity has become an epidemic as the market for unsaturated oils has grown, and heart disease and cancer have risen to the ranks of the second and third leading causes of death, respectively (medical "mistakes" kill most people). The piggers should have given us a heads-up!

Market-Inflating Lies

If you're of a certain age, you might recall when some of these fabrications first appeared.

First, you have no way of distinguishing between the two spreads.
Second, unsaturated oils have positive health effects.
Third, there is no safe level of saturated fat.
Saturated fats are the leading cause of high cholesterol, which is fatal.

A couple of decades ago, the scientist who admitted being bribed to create the cholesterol myth came out with his admission. Margarine has been found to have high levels of trans fatty acids, which can be fatal. Saturated fats are healthy and can aid in weight loss, but unsaturated oils increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Consider this! The amount of unsaturated oil our predecessors consumed is unknown. Animal fats were a staple of their diet.

Evidence Suppression

The primary article cited in the bibliography details a plan to cover up the evidence. After all, if you ran a news outlet and revealed their lies, would you risk losing your biggest advertisers?

Injury to Cells

Drying oils are unsaturated oils. This means that they become more rigid in the presence of oxygen, such as in putty, varnish, or your blood.

Saturated fats were a common part of our predecessors' diets. According to Dr. Yamori's findings, strokes were reduced in rats fed a diet high in saturated fat and cholesterol. Since saturated fats don't contribute to the production of free radicals, antioxidants weren't as important in our ancestors' diets as they are today.

Fat makes up most of the membranes that surround our cells. Saturated fats form a sturdy membrane because their C-shaped molecules interlock with one another. Because of their linear structure, unsaturated oils do not interlock, resulting in membranes that are weaker and more susceptible to infection.

Maybe you're okay with becoming overweight. Drugs that inhibit liver cholesterol production increase cancer mortality risk by 5%. However, that is not my primary concern.

People in the United States are getting dumber because they are trying to lower their cholesterol intake. This gives me cause for concern. I don't need my cholesterol messed with so that I may be foolish.

Resolution Proposed

Before I suggest a solution, think about the media's portrayal of the fake research. One study found that saturated fats promote weight loss, whereas unsaturated fats cause weight gain. Everyone believes the alternative narrative because that's what the media reported it to prove.

The saturated fat in coconut is unique. Coconut oil's short-chain molecules set it apart from animal fats. Weight loss occurs when the body uses some of the long-chain fats as fuel while burning the short-chain fats for energy.

Actually, that wasn't the reason coconut oil was outlawed for a while. Vegetable oil producers saw this as competition and conducted fake studies to "prove" its dangers. When their case failed, the restriction was lifted.

Olive oil, the safest of unsaturated vegetable oils, becomes harmful at high temperatures, so while it's fine to use on salads, you shouldn't cook with it. No such issue exists with coconut oil.

You should look around for a cold-pressed kind of coconut oil because some of the ones extracted artificially taste terrible.

I switched from using other types of oil to using only coconut oil, and it has helped me shed pounds. This method of weight loss has been used by others. I wish pig farmers had blown the whistle a hundred years ago and told us that.

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